The Beneficial Effects of Eryngii on Constipation

We investigated the effects of bowel movements of women who have chronic constipation by  having them ingest cooked King Trumpet mushrooms (Eryngii). The ingestion of King Trumpet mushrooms might cause an increase of the frequency of defecation and improvements of bowel movement and character of stool. Women who have chronic constipation to the number of 15 (45.3 years of mean age) had a meal added 50g of cooked King Trumpet mushrooms for 30 consecutive days on breakfast and lunch time, respectively. Then, they filled out a questionnaire seeking information about changes of the frequency of defecation, bowel movement and character of stool.


The Effects on Bowel Movements in Rats

Rats were either fed normal food, or food supplemented with King Trumpet. Then, the weight and moisture content of the rat dung was investigated.


As a result: It was found that King Trumpet mushrooms have an effect of increasing the moisture content, and therefore the weight of the dung.


The Effects on Bowel Movements in People

We had 15 constipation-prone women eat meals containing 100 grams of King Trumpet mushrooms for breakfast and lunch for a month. (Participants chose their own dinners.)

As a result: The number of bowel movements increased in 14 out of 15 cases. Also, improvements in the ease and texture of bowel movements was noted.


Therefore, an improvement in constipation can be expected by consuming King Trumpet mushrooms.

The improvement effect of constipation by ingestion of eryngii (Pleurotus eryngii). / PDF

Shinshu University School of Medicine 20-May-02

Published in: Japanese Society of Mushroom Science and Biotechnology Vol.6(2002)