Kinoko means Specialty Mushrooms in Japanese.

Japanese Mushrooms

Kinoko is pronounced: kee-noh-koh

Our 100% organic Hokto kinokos are grown in California and
offer great health benefits.

We engage in production and sales of four types of mushroom - Bunashimeji(Brown beech mushrooms), Bunapi®(White beech mushrooms), Eryngii mushrooms(King trumpet) and Maitake(Hen of the woods) - making the most of our highly sophisticated mushroom cultivation technology and under a comprehensive production and quality management setup. To ensure continued delivery of high-quality mushrooms to consumers, we also established and operate a specialized research center known as the Kinoko Research and Development Institute in Japan.

Hokto’s Kinokos are ready to be cooked right out of the bag.
Because they are 100% organic and cultivated in soil-free clean enviroments, they do not need to be washed or rinsed.
because they are not grown in soil and are agrichemical free!

Fresh Kinoko from California

[ Brown Beech ]

Nutty Buttery flavor, Bunashimeji is very popular mushroom in Japan. It provides a significant source of Vitamin D, Niacin and Potassium.
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[ White Beech ]

Bunapi® is Hokto original, and excellent source of VitaminD, Niacin and Potassium. It offers a surprising combination of crunchy texture and smooth, nutty flavor.
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King Trumpet
[ King Trumpet ]

Sweet, mild and buttery flavor, Eryngii offers a good source of Vitamin D, Vitamin B's, and Dietary Fiber. A great choice for a meat substitute.
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[ Hen of the Woods ]

As a medicinal food, Maitake offers significant source of VitaminD. Maitake means "dancing mushroom" and contributes protein and umami.
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How Hokto's Kinokos are different

Have you heard of UMAMI ?
Hokto's Kinoko is rich in it!

It is sometimes referred to as the fifth taste, umami is a pleasant savoury and rich taste. It plays an important role making food taste delicious. Read more about umami


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