Korean Style Kimchi Soup

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Korean Style Kimchi mushroom soup

Whether its Hot or could outside, this Spicy Korean style soup Can be A perfect  quick and easy dinner. 

Serving size : 4 


1 package (100g) Bunapie
1 Package (100g) King Trumpet 
6 Okra ( Ladies’ fingers) 
1 sheet Fried Tofu 
2 and 1/2 cups Water 
1 Tbsp Chicken Consumme 
3/4 Cup (100g) Kimchi 
2 Tsp Gochujang (red chili paste) 
1 Tsp Sesame Oil 
Soy sauce, to taste 


  1. Cut Bunapie off of base and divide up into smaller pieces. Also cut King trumpet lengthwise so that they are approximately 1/8th of an inch  
  2. Chop up Okra into smaller pieces, meanwhile, cut fired tofu into smaller pieces lengthwise. 
  3. In a pot add mushrooms and chicken consumme and bring to a boil.   
  4. When mushrooms are cooked, add kimchi, and fried tofu then simmer. 
  5. Next, add red pepper paste , sesame oil, soy sauce, and okra. Stir until combined, and turn off the flame.  

Recipe adapted from: www.hokto-kinoko.co.jp