Mushroom and Quinoa Salad

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Mushroom and Quinoa Salad

Looking for a Hearty lunch idea? Try making this fiber-rich Mushroom and Quinoa salad. 

Serving size: 4


1 Package (100g) Bunashimeji  
1 Package (100g) Eryngii (King Trumpet)
1 Cup Quinoa
2 cups water   
2 Slices cooked Bacon 
100g Broccoli 
2 Tbsp Olive Oil 
1 Tsp salt 
1 Orange 
Pepper to taste 


  1. Rince quinoa in a fine mesh strainer. Next, boil quinoa in 2 cups water for about 15 minutes
  2.  Cut Bunashimeji off of the base and separate into small pieces. 
  3. Cut bacon and broccoli into small pieces.
  4. In a pan, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil and fry mushrooms and broccoli until cooked. 
  5. Peel orange and slice into 1/2 inch cubes.
  6. Combine all ingredients and 1 tablespoon olive oil.    

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