How to prepare Bunapi

How to prepare Bunapi®

How to cook Bunashimeji
How to cook Bunashimeji

*Both above are images of Bunashimeji.


Remove the base

Like the Bunashimeji, Bunapi® has a base. Separate them to halves then cut the base in “V” angle. Unlike other mushrooms, Bunapi®  bases are white so make sure you don’t cut off the edible part.

How to cook Bunapi

Separate the mushrooms

Like the Bunashimeji, it is best to separate Bunapi® into a bite size portion. By doing so, it becomes easier to cook and eat and will increase the volume of a dish.

Can be used in a variety of dishes

Bunapi® has almost no waste when cooking. It can be prepared in a variety of different ways, such as, simmered, slow cooked, stir-fried, or in a salad.

Use as a topping 

Bunapi®  is pure white, which can be used to enhance the color of your dish. By separating them individually, they can be used in a salad, soup or any kind of toppings. They will not interfere with the color of other foods, but rather enhance the other components in a dish.


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