How to prepare Maitake

How to Prepare Maitake

How to cook Maitake
How to cook Maitake

No Base equals no preparation

Like the Eryngii, Maitake does not have a base. Do not wash Maitake mushrooms because it will reduce flavor. To save on prep time and improve the taste of your dishes, serve Maitake mushrooms as soon as possible after purchase.

Separate by hand to increase flavor

When you separate Maitake by hand, the textured surface of the mushroom will absorb more flavors. Some black liquid from the mushroom may be present, it is polyphenol, which is very nutritious and should be eaten. If you are concerned about the color of polyphenol, boil the mushrooms briefly to eliminate the black liquid. We do not recommend removing the black liquid.

No Mess

Maitake can be separated by hand, thus illuminating the need for a knife and cutting board. Because they are ready to cook, there is no mess to clean up.

Choose Thick, Big Caps

The best Maitake have thick, big caps. Hokto’s Maitake have a rich, velvety texture with umami in every bite.


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