Training system

What is the Alchemy training system?

Hokto has been implementing the Alchemy Training System to improve awareness and knowledge on food safety for employees.

The Alchemy Training System is a training system specifically developed for employees working in the food industry, to educate them on safe production and to maintain a safe environment. This system is specifically for those who are in the forefront of food production.

Hokto achieves decreased risk on food production safety by providing appropriate training to each employee, and by achieving higher awareness about the importance of each task.

Training system
raining system

The Alchemy Training System has been implemented by other renowned food manufacturers throughout the world.

50 of top 100 food Companies & 7 of top 10 food Retailers

training system

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The importance of Food Safety Education to employees.

To achieve food safety, it is important to implement the right system. But first and foremost, it is more important to educate employees with the correct information.

Food safety related scandals like those that have been seen on the news can be prevented by the empowerment of employees on food safety. – USDA The Economic Research ServiceImports From China and Food Safety Issues