Kinoko means Specialty Mushrooms in Japanese.

Japanese Mushrooms

Kinoko is pronounced: kee-noh-koh

Our 100% organic Kinoko mushrooms grown in California
offer great health benefits.

We engage in production and sales of four types of mushroom - Bunashimeji(Brown beech mushrooms), Bunapi®(White beech mushrooms), King Trumpet mushrooms(Eryngii) and Maitake(Hen of the woods) - making the most of our highly sophisticated mushroom cultivation technology and under a comprehensive production and quality management setup. To ensure continued delivery of high-quality mushrooms to consumers, we also maintain a specialized research center known as the Mushroom General Research Institute.

Hokto’s mushrooms are ready to be cooked right out of the bag.
They do not need to be washed, rinsed, or peeled
because they are not grown in soil and are agrichemical free!

Fresh Kinoko from California

[ Brown Beech ]

Nutty Buttery flavor, Bunashimeji is very popular mushroom in Japan. It provides a significant source of Vitamin D, Niacin and Potassium.
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[ White Beech ]

Bunapi® is Hokto original, and excellent source of VitaminD, Niacin and Potassium. It offers a surprising combination of crunchy texture and smooth, nutty flavor.
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King Trumpet
King Trumpet
[ Eryngii ]

Sweet, mild and buttery flavor, King Trumpet offers a good source of Vitamin D, Ergothioneine, and Deitary Fiber. A great choice for a meat substitute.
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[ Hen of the Woods ]

As a medicinal food, Maitake offers significant source of VitaminD. Maitake means "dancing mushroom" and contributes protein and umami.
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How Kinoko is different

Have you heard of UMAMI ?
Kinoko is rich in it!

It is sometimes referred to as the fifth taste, umami is a pleasant savoury and rich taste. It plays an important role making food taste delicious. Read more about umami


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