Stir Fried Sweet and Sour Pork Belly and Mushrooms


A healthier alternative to a fried pork dish, this dish is coupled with delicious Maitake and Eryngii (King Trumpet) making it a great main dish. 


1 Package (1oog) Eryngii (King Trumpet)
1 Package (100g) Maitake 
1/2 an Onion
2 Sheets of Cabbage 
1 Green Pepper
7oz (200g) Pork Shoulder loin 

For the sauce: 
1/3 Cup Chicken Stock 
2 Tbsp Sake 
3 Tbsp Soy Sauce 
2 Tbsp Vinegar 
2 Tbsp Sugar 
Corn Starch 
1 Tbsp Canola Oil 

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Stir fried Pork and Vegetables


A fresh and Delicious recipe perfect for any day. 


2 Packages Maitake 
2 Packages Bunashimeji 
200g Pork 
1/2 a Japanese Leek (Japanese long onion), or substitute with spring onions or small leeks 
2 Green Peppers
1/2 a Red Bell Pepper
3 Tbsp Miso
Rice oil 
2 Tsp Sugar
2 Tbsp Water 
2 Tsp Canola Oil 
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
Seven Spice mix, Optional  

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Mushroom and Pork Dumplings

Mushroom and Pork Dumplings

A dish large enough for a party


1 Package Maitake 
1 Package Eryngii (King Trumpet) 
1/2 Bundle Nira (Garlic Chives), use chives as a substitute   
100g Bean Sprouts 
1/3 pound (150g) Ground Pork 
1 Piece (1 1/2 inch) Ginger
1 Clove Garlic 
1 Tsp Soy Sauce 
2 Tsp Oyster Sauce
1 Tsp Sesame Oil 
1 Tbsp Corn Starch 
Pepper, to taste
25 Sheets Spring Roll Wrappers 
1/2 Cup Water

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