How to prepare Bunapi

How to prepare Bunapi®

How to cook Bunashimeji
How to cook Bunashimeji

*Both above are images of Bunashimeji.


First remove the base

Like the Bunashimeji, Bunapi® has base. Separate them to halves then cut the base in V angles. Unlike other mushrooms, bases are white also, don’t cut out the edible part.

How to cook Bunapi

Basically, separate the mushrooms

Like the Bunashimeji it is best to separate Bunapi® into a bite size portion. It’s easier to cook and easier to eat. If you separate them individually, you will increase the volume of plate.

Almost no scum, can be used in variety

Bunapi® has almost no scum when cooking. It can be used for variety of preparation such as, simmered dish, slow cooker, stir-fry or salad.

For toppings, separate individually

Bunapi® is pure white, which can be used perfectly to enhance color on your plate. If you separate them individually, it can be used for salad, soup or any kind of toppings. It does not interfere with other colors, but enhance the other components in the plate.


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