Where does Hokto originate from?

Hokto originates from Japan. Simeji, Maitake, Shiitake, Enokitake or Matsutake are names of Japanese language. Those mushrooms are popularly consumed in Japan, which has been the highest life expectancy country for years. You know that the country does not compromise with the quality and the Hokto mushrooms are apt testments to this fact. The company’s headquarters are based in Nagano prefecture where is the highest life expectancy prefecture in Japan. 

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Where are the Hokto mushrooms exactly harvested? In farms, mountains, or in forests?

The Hokto mushrooms are carefully harvested and grown in our factory under a fully controlled environment to protect the mushrooms from outside. Even employees who take part in the growing process are subject to a thorough hair and dust removal and alcohol disinfection before they can be allowed to enter the facility. Moreover, the workers are provided with adequately cleaned suits and specific boots before they can start doing their work.

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Are seeding company, grower, packer and seller different?

Some mushroom companies relegate some of those functions to others. However, Hokto mushrooms are totally integrated in a chain of custody of ourselves. We are the one who control everything from spore to final products sold.


What is the difference between ordinary mushrooms and Hokto mushrooms?

With Hokto mushrooms, you have reassurances that they are 100% organic and cultivated using only the best natural ingredients without any agrichemicals. Also, the Hokto mushrooms are USDA certified so you don’t ever need to think twice before you buy them.

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When are the Hokto mushrooms produced?

The Hokto mushrooms are produced each and every day and we take special care to ship the mushrooms on all the days of the week except on Sundays and some national holidays. Since we keep up shipping on a regular basis, we are quite efficient in supplying fresh and high quality Hokto mushrooms to all our consumers.


Where are the Hokto mushrooms produced?

The Hokto mushrooms are locally produced in California which not only supports the local economy but also keeps the mushrooms fresh and delicious.