How can you maximize umami?

When cooking a soup, you might put ingredients after the water is boiled, but Hokto mushrooms increase in umami best at 60-70℃ (140-158℉) that they should be put in a pot when the water is warm or even cold to go through the temperature range.  Another point is you should not overcook.  Furthermore, by combining different Hokto mushroom species, you can multiply and deepen the umami.


There are dews within the package

Mushrooms are fresh produce and are breathing which can generate dews inside the package.


It looks normal, but mushroom feels wet.

Moisture may be collected and absorbed inside the package.  If you do not smell foul odor, it should not be a problem.


Do you use any disinfectant or antiseptic?

We do not use or apply disinfectant, antiseptic or any other agrichemicals.


Can I eat the Hokto mushrooms raw?

Always cook the mushroom before eating. 2-3 minutes may be good enough if boiling.


Can you freeze the Hokto mushrooms?

Yes, however it is not recommended as you will lose the texture, flavor and nutrition when you defrost.


How should I store Hokto mushrooms?

Generally, it is best to keep them in the refrigerator that keeps the regulated temperature.  Usually quality lasts about a week.  Once you open the package and if you have any leftovers, it is best to wrap them or keep them in zipper bag for storage. However, it is recommended to consume the mushroom as soon as possible.  Storage at room temperature will accelerate the breathing of the mushroom which degrades quality.


I smelled like alcohol when I opened the package

Fresh mushrooms remain alive and breathing long after they are harvested, they are in hibernation in the package. They are still breathing and may use up the oxygen within the package, which will generate alcohol. However, it does not affect the quality of the product. If you leave the mushroom for 30 min outside the package, the alcohol will be gone that you can regain better flavor.


How can you determine the freshness?

Basically it is same as when you are picking  fresh produce.

  • Resilience, less wrinkles on the caps
  •  Color of stems, no browning
  •  No foul odor

By Mushrooms:

  • Bunashimeji: Caps and stem has no shrinkage and is resilient.
  • Bunapi: Caps and stem has no shrinkage and is resilient. Pure white overall.
  • King Trumpet: No wrinkles on caps and is resilient with white stems.
  • Maitake: Caps are not wet and resilient, no shrinkage.

When does the Hokto mushroom expire? How long does it last?

Hokto mushrooms are fresh produce, best to be consumed fresh as soon as possible.  Rule of thumb is up to a week in a refrigerator unopened.  However, they are fresh produce and cannot set best before date.

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